Friday, April 26, 2013

Big Sister Again!

Wow! The way that our lives have changed in the past week has been miraculous! I have been so blessed and so amazed by the little kisses from God showing us that, yes, as crazy and "duggerish" we may seem, we are doing the right thing by saying "yes" to bringing in my newest little brother Victor Noah King.

Going through school today having many people say a variety of things in relation to this adoption has been exhilarating! the fact that the circumstances are so ridiculous is almost even more exciting to me. I'm sure my parents are stressed (not saying I am not) but I'm so excited.

I also understand how insane we may look. I mean, we were insane without the newest circumstances.

I also know that we are going to have to get over that. I know of some wonderful people in the bible who were... To say the least... "Crazy". For example:

Ruth- she was shunned for being a Moabite woman in circumstances extremely crazy. She didn't HAVE to stay with her mother but she did because she knew what Gods calling was on her life. she was known as "that" woman. I'm sure we can often be "that" family.

Moses- I mean... We all know he wanted his people to be let go! We have heard it all before. But he was disliked by his own people! They were upset because he was bringing even harder situations onto their life. He was CRAZY. He was going up against the PHAROH! I mean... Would you? But again... He knew his calling.

John The Baptist- I just like pointing our that he ate bugs. He was crazy. We are not eating bugs. Are we still crazy?

To restate my point. We ARE crazy. Not bug eating crazy... Still crazy, but that's okay.

No family with eight children, seven children at home with issues of their own, should (in normal situations) be staying with their dad for an unknown amount of months until their mother can come home from Utah with their newest sibbling. No family would welcome the spiritual attacks and battles that come along with adoption. No family would welcome the chaos that is GOING to happen in our family with this happening. No family would be content with relying on others to provide for them for awhile. No family would understand that they aren't going to be perfect. 

We aren't going to be perfect. We arent perfect now.  We are a mess. We are chaos. We are struggling. We are praying everyday for the next to work out with all of our activities and messes. 

But that is OKAY. 

I thank Jesus that we aren't perfect. That just allows more room for God to show us how much we cannot do this on our own and how much we now HAVE to rely on him. 

Everyone in this family has to rely on God in our own ways right now. It's difficult for me to think that because of how little and tiny my 1 lb. baby brother is, I will not be able to see him till at least the end of May, maybe June, maybe later. As much as I tear up and struggle over that, I know that God will bless me with this little boy for the rest of my life and he jus needs to heal with my mom in the hospital for now. 

So, this is my point of view right now. I am awaiting the time away from my mom with slight anxiety just thinking of my little siblings and how I will need to stand up for them. I am terrified. But I know that that place is where Jesus works best...

Mariana Christine