Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Know What I Like

By HopeAnne King

HopeAnna struggles with reading, even remembering a letter from one day to the next.  One thing that has helped her reading motivation is for her to write stories, and then I make them into photo books.  This is the latest story, based on the book by Norma Simon.  Her answers were very enlightening.

I know what I like.
Do you know what you like?

I like to make cookies.
I like to make letters.
I like to make friends.

I don’t like to make people sad.

I like to touch new people.
I like to touch animals.
I like to touch the petals on roses because they’re really soft.

But I don’t like to touch slobber from Jesse’s mascot head.

I like to be a dancer.
I like to be a kitty cat because I love cats.
I like to be a cheerleader.

But I don’t like to be cranky.

I like to smell roses.
I like to smell food (like Linus).
I like to smell dandelions.

But I don’t like to smell dogs or trashcans.

I like to see movies.
I like to see what I can do for my family.
I like to see flowers grow.

But I don’t like to see boy movies like Star Wars.

I like to hear the birds sing.
I like to hear airplanes.
I like to hear people talking about things that I’ve been doing.

But I don’t like to hear dogs growl at people.

I like to taste cornbread.  Remember when we had it when company came over?
I like to taste ham loaf.  It’s precious.
I like to taste macaroni.

But I don’t like to taste buttermilk.

I like to catch fireflies.  They have lights on the back of their butt.
I like to catch grasshoppers.
I like to catch things from falling.

But I don’t like to catch centipedes and spiders.

I like to try doing things that my teachers say I should do.
I like to try to be patient when I don’t get something my way.
I like to try chicken because I had a chicken leg the other night and it was yummy.

But I don’t like to try things that people force me to do that I can’t do yet.

I like to play Mommy and Daddy because I’m always the Mommy with my doll in bed.
I like to play King and Queen.
I like to play house.

But I don’t like to play school.

I like to go to Chuck E. Cheese because I like the jumping horse.
I like to go to Hershey Park because I like the Carousel.
I like to go to gymnastics at Messiah College.

But I don’t like to go to the McDonald’s that doesn’t have a playground.

You know what you like and don’t like.
I know what I like and don’t like.
I like being me.
I’m a girl – I like being a girl.

Everyone likes friends,
And we all like to be friends.