Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eden's Poetry Project

I Just Met a Man Named Sue

I just met a man named Sue
He had a dog named Lou
They'd play in the sun and run, run, run,
He loved his dog named Lou.

Me and My Gerbils

Gerbils are fun and these are mine.
Day by day I love them
I love my pets!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos and Poetry By Eden King
Grade 2

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

End of a Unit

We have finished our poetry unit.  Here are my final projects:

I forgot to do writing
It was very depriving
I went to the bottom of the floor
And all I wanted to do was snore
I stayed up all night
And dreamt of a kite
Of dynamite
So the moral of the story
Is read more of the story
Or else mua hahahaha

A pencil is a sword
A wooden hilt and pointy
A paper is a victim waiting
For the pencil.

By Isaac King

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Flying the Dragon

I like having time with my three siblings and my mom to read books.  The last book we read was called Flying the Dragon by Natalie Dias Lorenzi.  It's about a girl named Skye.  She was half Japanese and half American and her Japanese cousin came over to America.  Her cousin loved flying kites.  Their grandfather makes kites and her cousin then would fly them.  My favorite part of the book was at the end.  If you like flying kites, it's a good book for you to read.  It's also about Skye had to learn Japanese and her cousin had to learn English.

by Eden, Grade 2

Read-aloud for our family is every day of the week, not weekends.  We read a book at around 1:00 and this time it was Flying the Dragon which is a book about a girl named Sorano (Skye) who finds out that her father's brother and father are coming to America.  They are also bringing her uncle's little son, Hiroshi.  When Hiroshi gets here he feels mad because he wants to go back to Japan with his grandfather who is sick with cancer.  Hiroshi's hobby is flying kites with his grandfather.  One day Sorano finds out about Hiroshi's hobby and wants to fly kites as well.

The book is not just about kites.  The author wanted to show us that it's hard for people coming from other countries to figure out new languages.  It's about friendship.  It's about sadness and life and death.

I would give the book 4 Dragon-shaped kites out of 5 Dragon-shaped kites for enjoyability.

by Isaac, Grade 6

I like to draw when Mom reads.  We read Flying the Dragon.  I liked the kite flying parts.

by HopeAnne, Grade K

Friday, February 1, 2013


We were going through our school and we ended with poetry.  Our assignment for the day was to make a limerick.  We went online and found some limericks.  One of my favorites goes like this:

There was a young man from Japan
Whose limericks never would scan.
When asked why this was,
He replied "It's because
I always try to fit as many syllables into the last line as ever I possibly can."

I hope you get a good laugh out of it.

And then it was my turn:

There was an old man with kazoos,
Who got struck down with the flus.
He never got over
He now lives with Grover
The sorry old man with the blues.

By Isaac King

McDonald's has only one fry
And everyone wanted to buy
They auctioned it away
So it wouldn't decay
So now some old guy has the fry.

By Isaac King