Saturday, February 8, 2014

To My Future Children

Precious Dear One(s),

We haven't met, and hopefully we will not very soon, but I pray for you so often.

I am truly sorry that you will have to live in a society my generation created. I'm so sorry for the mistakes we will make. I'm so sorry you have flawed humans as your role mode

For my little girls, I hope you can forgive society for pushing you to be what you never can be. I hope and pray you will see yourself as the true angel you are. You  are a beauty. You are so loved. 
I am sorry that men will think things of you that are untrue. I'm so sorry that you will have to unrealistic ideals of beauty. I pray that you can look past those ideas and see the woman of God you can and will be.

For my little men, I hope you can take up the torch. I pray that you will be able to learn the respect and honor that so many generations seem to twist. I pray that you will find the skills to protect and love everyone you come in contact with, rather than look to the flawed human ideas of love passed on through my generation. 
I'm so sorry that you are often given so much pressure by society. I'm so sorry you will have to fight for your purity every day. I pray that you will look past this and see the man God has called you to be. 

My generation craves attention. We seem to need things that generations before us didn't even consider to be a part of everyday life. I'm sure you will end up in the same boat. 

The millennials (my generation) are wanting more power, money, love, sex, jobs, popularity, status, technology, scientific advances, and more. I'm sorry we often lose the focus: to prepare a way for a new generation. 

I pray that you don't always follow us. We didn't do things perfectly. I pray that you can look forward and understand how important it is to make this world a better place for your children and even more generations. 

Learn the important things that my generation so often misses...
Respect for authority,
Responsibility in money,
A strong work ethic 
True acceptance of your neighbor 

I want to apologize for my mistakes. I'm sorry I am flawed. I'm sorry I will mess up. I wish I could make your life so perfect and easy. I wish I could pray away all fear of the future. 

The thought of what school life with be like for you scares me. The thought of what society will expect from you as your gender roles are changing in society scares me. The thought that many preferences and morals through beliefs are no longer so easy to live by, and the thought of how it will get harder, makes me almost want to lock you in a closet the moment you may come into my life.

But I'm not going to do that. 
I'm just going to pray for you and your future friends. I'm going to pray for your future father. I'm going to keep praying for your extended family and their friends and relationships. I'm going to keep praying for significant leaders in today's society.

And I'm going to trust that you will do the same someday, should you choose to. 

What a blessing you will be to me.

Mariana Christine
15 years old