Monday, March 31, 2014

Peace Prayer

Oh God, oh God,
 give me peace,
 oh give me peace,
 oh God,
 oh God show me what love is,
 oh show me what love is,
 Oh God,
 oh God,
 give me hope,
 give me hope,
 oh God,
 oh God help me know when to help,
 oh help me know when to help,
 God You are mine,
 oh You are mine
By Eden

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dr. Seuss Night

We have family night once a month and last night we had family night it was a Dr. Seuss theme. Instead of talking during dinner we had to rhyme. It was really hard but we had fun.We also had to use other kitchen items instead of spoons, knifes, and forks. For dinner we ate green eggs and ham.  Then we made The Lorax flower pots. Then of course we had to watch The Lorax. During the movie we had ice cream that had a sweetish fish in it for the book that dr. Seuss wrote called One Fish Two Fish Red Fish ha ha get it?

By Eden

Friday, March 28, 2014


I just finished reading Joni's Story today. It was an amazing story. When she went to the Philippines to give out weal chairs and her book and bibles in their language to the people there who are disabled. In the book she said she cried she was so happy for them all. She also started a organization called JONI AND FRIENDS. I want to know so much more about it.

I always look at the first and the last word of a book when I finish it. The first and the last words of this book are humming and world. She likes to sing and so when she was at the pond she was humming and then she jumped into the pond. A lot of things meant a lot to her in the world.

By Eden

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Emily and the Man

One day Emily was on her way to the ice cream shop. When she was walking she saw a man coming to her. He had a milk jug in his hand. But there was an odd thing about the man he was wearing all white and there was no milk in the milk jug. When he got rite in front of Emily he said "hold this and put it in a dark place and take care of it very well". Now when Emily saw the man go away she did not know what to think, she just stood there. Soon she started home. When she got home her mother said, "Is that you Emily?"

"Yes it's me," Emily said

"Did you have a good time?" Then Emily stared at her mother and said, "Uh well uh." then her father walked in, "Hi dad," said Emily then Emily tried to walk out of the room but her mother stopped her her mom said, "Emily you did not answer my question!" Emily tried to think fast so she said, "Well.."

"Well what" said Emily's mother.

Then Emily explained the hole story to her mom and dad and tolled them how she was just walking to the ice cream shop and how the man came up to her and tolled her to take care of the milk jug. Then her mom said, "Where is the milk jug then Emily said, very tiredly "I'll go get it"

"Good girl" her mom said,

"I'll be back soon" Emily said.

Then Emily ran out the door and went to a little bush were she had tried to hide the jug from her mom and dad, well she did know now that her plan did not work out very well. When she went inside she said
"Here it is mom" when her mom touched it she said
"oh my goodness, my deer you now own some GOLD"

"GOLD" Emily said her eyes getting bigger she was so glad she jumped up and down and was so happy. Then her mother said "what are you going to do with the gold?" she asked, "well" she replied, "I think I will just, uhhhh,"

"Maybe you would like to give it to me to keep it out of danger"

"Good idea" she said.

The End
By Eden

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


One day an oak tree was having a talk with Pokey. "Pokey" said the oak tree, Why do you poke all your brothers and sisters?"

"Because" said Pokey, They are blocking the air and the sun and I just can't breath.

OK said the oak tree.

The next day it was summer It was also hot and sticky but Pokey did not care. Then the oak tree said, time to eat some carbon dioxide.

Ok said the leaves. good said the oak tree.

The summer had passed so fast and the next thing he knew he was on the ground and he was no longer green he was red and brown. he wasn't the only one on the growned. all his brothers and sisters were on the ground to. The next day he was raked into a pile of leaves. And the next thing he new he herd thump, thump, thump, ha, ha, crash ouch and that was the end of pokey

The end

by Eden

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Great Gilly Hopkins

We just finished a book called The Great Gilly Hopkins.
It was about a foster child named Galadriel Hopkins. She was sent to a foster home were she went to school and met a girl and made friends with her. What she really wanted was to live with her mom. She thought that her mom wanted to be with her to. But later on in the book her grandmother took her to live with her. At Christmas her mom came and Gilly wanted her to take her home but then she found out that the reason that her mom came was because her grand mother payed her mom to come.
Then she realized that she needed to live with her grandmother.

I liked this  book because Gilly always got into trouble and it had a lot of adventure in it.

By Eden

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Priceless Brother

                                                                His priceless cheeks.

                                                                 His priceless smile.

                                                                 His priceless laugh.

                                                                 His priceless love.

                                                                 His priceless little feet.

                                                                His priceless legs.

                                                                It all makes up for what isn't there.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What I Learned

Today at church we talked about when Jesus said "why do you look at someone else's saul dust in their eye and yell at them for it. but then you have a plank in your eye." in other words we look at all the little things that other people say or do that is wrong but we do't pay any attention
to the big things that we do. It relates to all of us because we all do or say things that tare each other down.

Unwind- Not For The Weak of Heart


“We’re all human, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.” – J.K. Rowling

My life was recently turned upside down. Drastically.

I was at a sleepover and we were watching short films online. One of my best friends is such a talented artist and made a very moving short film... so we started by watched hers and then started watching other powerful videos on youtube. I love short films. I love seeing how much you can do with 2-20 minutes and change a persons life.

One of those completely changed mine.
 I have never seen anything more real and terrifying in my entire existence.

There was a short film titled "Unwind", based off of an actual book, but this film only focuses on one scene from that book. It was one of the most gruesome and disgusting things I have seen.

The premise is that there is this huge civil war on abortion going on in a futuristic America. The government needs a compromise to these fathers and mothers who are burdened with unwanted children. They decide to allow them to be "harvested" between the ages of 13-18 for use as organ donors for people who's lives need saved. This is their compromise to destroying the fetus. They decide to use these bodies instead of disposing of them.

As we dove past the opening statement in the film that explains what I just stated, we see that a poor girl is being harvested (organs and body torn apart) for the purpose of keeping others alive. Plot twist? The government has given her the "right" to be alive and awake for the whole procedure. She is not feeling pain, but obviously dying on a surgery table as her life is being taken out and away from her. Literally. In those six minutes we sit in on this procedure.

We see nothing but her eyes and a few camera shots of the nurse talking to her or the doctor saying something. There is no blood. We see nothing outright gruesome, but I felt as if I was going to be sick. You hear everything. Every tear, every bone crack, every cut is heard... Just not felt by the patient or seen by us.

Some of the things the nurse says are disgusting, "Honey, you won't be dead. You just won't be alive!", "It's going to be okay... Think of the lives you are saving!"... It makes you want to punch her.

 “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

I really tuned out most of the time as I was already tearing up. I couldn't handle it. When it was finished, I couldn't move on... I couldn't handle the truth:
Why does society write this to show how twisted it is for youth to be murdered and be aborted, but so many people place aside true abortions that HAPPEN every DAY?

After the film I literally broke down. I broke down SO HARD. I'm not sure I've ever dove so deeply into my feelings like that. I couldn't even breathe I was so worked up.

All I could think of was my brother, a "born-alive fetus", born at 25 weeks gestation. He could have been aborted like that. His mother could have easily gone across town at any point up until the day he was born.

Women are told that a baby at that gestational age doesn't feel pain. They have also been told (through documentation) that the baby "doesn't really have a face or resemble a baby yet at 21-25 weeks.
Doctors fought not just to keep by baby brother alive, but they fought so hard so my poor brother wouldn't feel pain. They went out of their way so he could have the chance survival.

“A person is a person no matter how small.” – Dr. Seuss

I honestly was torn apart inside, understanding for the first time just how real it could have been. My brother could have been torn apart just like that girl. The abortion he would have gone through could have torn him limb from limb and he would have been scraped from the uterus wall. The biggest difference from the video? He could have FELT the pain and he wouldn't have been told, "it's okay... You're saving lives".

I'm not sure how there is can be such a terrifying thought. I'm not sure why this is so horrible that 13-18 year olds are being slaughtered (as examples through this book), when I know for a fact there unborn children that are. I don't see a difference. Same organs, same pain, same body parts, and same loss.

 “I do not believe the promises of the Declaration of Independence are just for the strong, the independent, the healthy. They are for everyone-including unborn children.” – George W. Bush

I don't think they are just for the "born" either.

In the name of Feminism, I want to know where this girl's rights were (in the film) as she was being torn limb from limb. In the name of feminism, I want to know how it's accepted for so many baby girls to be aborted like that in today's society. Where is their voice?

In the name of my internal justice, how can this happen. Why is there this silent holocaust?

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” – Ronald Reagan

Things might be different if they understood that they just as easily could have been aborted as anyone else...

I would like to know who will someday have the guts to tell my siblings how they could have been aborted if their mothers made one decision differently. I want to know who will explain how this wouldn't have made a difference in society. Tell that to my beautiful and happy sister who wants to be an Olympic athlete. Tell that to my brother who fought every day for months to live.

The adopted kids of the world, the so called, "unwanted children" are children who could so easily could have been aborted... Those are my siblings. I don't see how I should stand aside.

I am called to help and love and support the orphans and widows of the world. Babies who are aborted, or thought of as unwanted, are orphans. They are disowned. They are related to me now.

As I stepped back from this video and went back to it at home, I decided to read the comments. There were so few that actually related it to abortion. A few comments related this to animal slaughter. Whilst I would certainly applaud them for standing up for animal slaughter... So few said something about this happening to human life NOW.

"There is a silent holocaust among us... It's happened for many years and it is happening today... But I can't tell you what it is because it may offend you and upset you." -Anonymous (tumbler)

I tell you all of this because I don't expect you to watch this horrifying video. I gave away the plot so you wouldn't have to see. I don't expect you to want to go through what I did after seeing this video. But It changed me.

I'm not sure how to stay silent. For my brother's sake, I cannot stay silent. For my little sister's sake I cannot stay silent.

Watch if you will...

“It seems to me clear as daylight that abortion would be a crime.” – Gandhi

~Mariana Christine

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Perfect Saturdays

those perfect saturdays.

you  jump.

you talk.

you play.

you race.

you laugh.

oh those perfect saturdays.

oh those perfect saturdays

By Eden

Friday, March 21, 2014

Poem of Me

Poem of Me

I am Eden.

I wish that Victors adoption debt gets payed of soon.

I keep Gerbils.

I like to act.

I dance a lot.

I sing on stage.

I love my family.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Mom's Spa

Me and my sister made my mom a spa. It was amazing. We had a blast. My mom had a fun time. We gave my mom a massage and we got the foot thing that someone left at our door. Oh ya that is why I gave a spa. When I saw the foot thing when we came home from vacation I thought to myself I think God put it there for a reason and that reason was that mom needed a spa and a FREE one to. so that is what my sister Hope and I did. and at the end Victor had some fun to!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Red Book

One day Red Book went to Pen, Scissors, and Highlighter to play.

When they were playing tag Red Book fell into the trashcan.

"Oh no!!" they all screamed.

"Do not panic," Highlighter said. "You are all safe."

Right after, Highlighter realized they needed Red Book there. thenHighlighter said, "Panic!!!!!!!!!"

And then something caught scissors' eye. There rite next to him was String. Sleeping on a hook.

Scissors waked him up and said, "every one we will use String to help us. Is that okay with you string?"

"Oh yes. Um what am I doing again?"

 "You are going to save Red Book's life!!!!!!!!"

"Ok cool"

 "Ok then come on"

 And they put String down the trash can and Red Book got out and they all lived happily ever after. Well sort of. Until the scissors fell.

By Eden

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What I Hear

Last year in writers notebook we did something that you would sit in a room and write on the spot what you heard, felt, was around you so I decided to do that today.

I hear Victor patting on the box.
I hear the dish washer washing.
I hear forks and knives scraping agensted each other.
I hear Victor crying.
I hear mom talking to Victor.
I hear Victor  SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hear Jesse trying to calm Victor down.
I hear Lines' feet clicking and clicking across the floor.

By Eden

Monday, March 17, 2014


Mom read the book Wonder to us and it was a good book. The book was about a boy named August and his face looks a little bit different than ours. But the story was just amazing and it showed what it is like to be someone like August. I like it a lot. I like that it shows how it feels to be August. I think it should be a book read by everyone.

By Eden

Sunday, March 16, 2014

What Church Is

Church is fun.
Church is knowledge.
Church is true.
Church is what God is.
Church is for us.
Church is us.

By Eden

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Yesterday we were in Kentucky because we were visiting my brother Andrew.  Andrew is in collige there so we went to visit him. We saw all sorts of things there. It was a lot of fun. But then of course we had to go home. We left at about 3:20 PM and got home at 1:00 AM. It was long and i cannot sleep in the car no matter how I try I just can't. I hope we can go there again soon.

By Eden  

Friday, March 14, 2014


This is a poem that was inspired by Fiona's Ears.


They chew,

They sleep,

They run,

They nip,

They dig,

Their happy.

By Eden

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Car

I don't like to go in the car for a trip. Do you? Well if you do imagine this....

being in the car and with 6 other people and with two of them fighting and in a noisy van and 3 people talking at once. Ahhhh yes that is what my day was like. We are all going to Kentucky and it is 9 hours. We left at 6:30. Ha fun right. That was my life today.

By Eden

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Joni's Story

I am reading Joni's Story Eareckson Tada.

The first three chapters were torture. She nearly drowned and she hit her head on a rock. The way she nearly drowned was because she got caught in a fish net at the bottom of the lake. I would hold my breath every time she got hurt or had surgery. Then she got a drill through her head. The drill was on her skull when she was in the hospital.  So far it's a good book. I can't wait to read more and that is coming from a girl who does not really like to read.

By Eden

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bags For Homeless

We all get a certain amount of money every year at christmas from our Pop Pop and Mom Mom and the money is not for us to use for ourselves but to use for others, and we have a year to figure out what to do with it, so this is what I decided to do with it.

I decided to make bags of things for the my mom and I went to the store to get some things.

My mom and I got the stuff and we made 5 bags of granola bars, beef stick, apple sauce, tooth brush and tooth paste, wash clothes and so on and so forth.

it was so much fun I don't think I ever had that much fun doing something like this. we took pics and my sister Mariana helped a bit. my dad and I will go to the city sometime soon and take them. I can't wait to go.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Epic Party

At church we talked about the parable that Jesus told about the lost son and how when he came back there was a big party. We had to make a cool party if money wasn't the problem. This is what my friend and I came up with.

1. decorations
disco ball, dance floor, confetti canon, Frozen posters, Frozen movies on flat screens

2. music
Frozen music, Sunday School Rock, more Frozen, me and Elizabeth singing Frozen

3. food
chips popcorn, pizza, candy bar, hotdogs, fruit ONLY DIPT IN CHOCOLOTE, spaghetti pizza, cotton candy

I Will Dance- The Arts in the Modern Day Church

Why is the American Church (meaning, church as a general term, not one in particular) afraid of the arts, or more directly, theatre itself?

As I have become more learned in theatre history and as I have grown up in the church with two very educated parents who love good conversation, here are my conclusions...

It has something to do with theatre's origins.

The "beginnings" of theatre (as far as historians can tell) took place at the Dithyramb- a festival which honored the Greek god Dyonysus (the god of fertility). This is classified as theatre's beginning because  of the costumes worn and dances performed during the ceremony. The men would dress up as goats (representing fertility) and dance around something that I do not consider printable. Thus, theatre "began" as an art-form honoring sex.


Isn't it so great to know that the art-form which I (and others in my craft) would like to have considered sacred and highly distinguished really began in such an unpalatable manner? 

But I'm not finished. The arts were able to redeem themselves.

The main beginnings of theatre, as we would more closely recognize it today, happened in the mideaval-middle ages time. When there were highly uneducated peasants in the towns and farmlands and so few bibles to be shared, the priests and church leaders of the day needed a way to teach people bible stories. Solution? Drama. 

The arts swept into the church as people began using theatre as we know it to reach out to people and help educate them. Music and dancing and juggling and singing and acrobatics were used to help tell the stories. 

Not only did the church encourage this but it became a community event. People from every trade were used to tell stories from the Bible. For example: bakers were to tell the stories of Jesus feeding the 5,000. The church wasn't only involved in the arts but the whole community was used. Everyone had their place. Can you imagine? 

Then the church became afraid. The church decided it wasn't going to support the arts community anymore. That wasn't something they stood for. The church began to focus back on the negative effects of theatre. They seemed to fear what all could go wrong in people's minds because of spiritual uncertainty. 

To be honest, I think that is what started generations of people in the Church being afraid of the arts. The history of Dyonysus and the old Dithyramb seemed to invade the mindset of people and the arts community wasn't able to be "saved". They seemed to forget that stage drama started in the church. They seemed to forget how wonderful stories could be remembered through drama. They seemed to forget that anything created for good could just as easily be turned to bad. 

They forgot how they got it RIGHT and reached so many more people.

Speaking personally, I remember many artistic things if they happen in church. I can remember the specifics about a skit I saw but I can't tell you what the sermon was or what sermon series it was a part of. But I can certainly tell you everything about the skit I saw 10 years ago. I can tell you about the music I sang at four years old in front of the Mennonite congregation at our old church, led by my late Aunt Betty Lou. I can remember that. I know we sang the children's worship song "My Father's House" and I remember my Aunt Betty Lou up there with us doing her motions. I can remember a skit my parents did. I remember a solo that a prominent member of our church sang as Jesus's father. Those things stick out in my mind.

I have seen the Church in America grow by leaps and bounds in my life. That may just be me moving denominations (from a Mennonite Church to a Brethren in Christ Church) with slightly different mindsets. But I have seen some growth. I sang hymns in church up till the age of five or six. Now, I sing with a band up front leading worship (a band with DRUMS). 

But I have to say that for my personal artistic needs, at age nine I realized that I needed to pursue my creative outlets out of the church and in the theatre community. What a blessing that has been to me (another story for another day). But, I have noticed that so many creative and artistic people aren't able to find their place in the Church. One reason I believe I see so much hurt in the theatre/arts community is because they are just not accepted in the church. They just are not. 

I have had conversations with people telling me how they had to go elsewhere to pursue creative outlets. Why is that? 

Why is it that the arts community is so hurt by the American Church in general? They scoff at the idea of attending a service. They don't have a problem with using Jesus's name in vain because they don't have acceptance from his people. They continue to push boundaries for "artistic purposes" but, truly, they just don't have any reason not to because anything they do is "wrong" anyway.

Do you want to know why so many new shows have "quesionable material" in them? Theatre reflects society at the time and how creative people view society. How do they value morals displayed by the church? Just some food for thought...

I would like to see the American Community close the gap between church and the arts. I hope that as our nation's Church grows to accept more of the arts we see the need to appeal to everyone's learning needs. Just as they did in the middle ages, I would love to see reenactments in a modern way with dramas, dancing, painting, storytelling, videos, and any other type of tool on the creative tool belt. 

I know many churches taking on this new mindset of needing creative ways to reach out to people and letting young people use their gifts early on in the church so that the creative needs begin in a strong worship centered focus. I have heard of newer churches hiring an Artistic Director in charge of reaching out and using these gifts so abundant in the church. 

I believe everyone with artistic gifts and visions receive that from God. I believe that we as a church community should encourage these gifts more. We should encourage these gifts in a way that focuses the arts as an act of worship. 

Now of course, I must end with a Footloose quote (which also is obviously found in the bible).

"David danced".

Keep that in mind.

He danced. In the Street. Naked.  Well, almost naked.  He was in his skivvies.

He worshiped God.

I will dance.

- Mariana Christine

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Peace and Love

I wrote this when I was waiting for my family to adopt a new sibling.

Peace and Love
By Eden

I wait, I am still,
I think, I'm calm,
I think of all the kids with no home
and all those kids who could have a home
Write now we can help.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Bee in the Tee

This was inspired by The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

It was a sunny afternoon and the Bee in the Tee was doing what she always did on a bright aftrnoon. She was getting nectar from the flowers and she herd a noise from a bush next to her. She quickly hid behind a flower and we she looked she could not believe what she sal. It was a fox in sockes. She was thinking what is a fox doing on a sunny day? Weren't foxes only supposed to come at night? But the fox looked at her and said hi and walked closer to her and said hi Bee in the Tee. The Bee in the Tee did not now what to say. So then the fox in the socks said ride on my back so she did and they rode in the forest and went to a hill and the fox said do you want to have fun and she said yes so they had so much fun that they fell asleep. When they woke up the Bee in the Tee and the Fox in the Socks had to go home.

The End

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dear Ana

Today I had a paper on writing letters and I had to write a letter to someone I'm really thankful for. This is my letter.

Dear Ana, you mean so much to me. you have shown me that I am someone and you have come to every show that I have been in. All 7 of them. I love you so much. Eden

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Siblings

As you probobley know by now I have seven siblings.

My oldest brothers name is Andrew and he is in college. He calls me when he has time and he meens a lot to me.

My next brothers name is Jesse. He is as funny as a seal at the zoo and he makes me laugh like a hyena.

Then comes my sister Mariana and she likes Frozen more than Olaf thinks he likes summer, because we all call her Ana and the mane carictors name is Ana. I like to be with her to do hair and makeup with her.

Then ther is Shoun and he is funny and follows Jesse lie kucklings follow their mother and likes sports as much as Linus likes his blanket.

Then Isaac and he likes Legos and he has more Legos than a teenage girl has clothes.

Then Hope who is 1 year younger than me and she is like the energizer bunny and likes to do gymnastics and running and she has done 5 races and wone 1st place in each one.

Then last but not least there is Victor and he is a baby and is delightfully cute and I love him so much.

So now you know my family a little bit more.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When I Used My Mom's Lipstick

When I used my mom's lipstick it made quite a mess.
I thought I would look good, I guess,
I put some on my nose and my chin.
And it just made my mom grin.
From know on I hate my mom's lipstick
Because it just made me look sick.

"Not a true story"

By Eden

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Me and My Pets

I have 2 gerbils and I love them so much. Their names are Cutie Pie and Licorice. They are very cute and fun to watch. They never sleep in their hide hut they just sleep in a hole that they made in their bedding. They chew on their hide hut instead.

My dog Linus is lazy but he is getting old so it is understandable. He used to have a cage when we first got him and his name then was Bear. But he looked nothing like a bear but he always dragged around the blanket in his cage so we named him Linus because of Linus in Charlie Brown.

We also have a snake but he is my brother's snake so I do not play with him much.

By Eden

Monday, March 3, 2014

It Started with a Baby

                                                            It Started With A  Baby
                                                                     By Eden

It started with a baby.

It started with a baby and the baby needed a family.
It started with a baby and the baby needed love.
It started with a family who needed a baby.
A girl prayed.
A family heard about the baby.
God said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The family said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the family has a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now the baby has a family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Based on a true story.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Just Who I Am

My name is Eden and I like playing the violin and piano. I like to act and sing and dance. I enjoy writing and doing math. I don't know what I would like to do for a living but i do like being with little kids a lot. I have 7 siblings and I am going to name them for you. 1. Andrew 2. Jesse 3. Mariana 4. Shoun 5. Isaac 6. Hope 7. Victor

3 of my 7 siblings are adopted, Shoun, Hope, and Victor.

I like poems.

By Eden

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Setting the Example

Someone recently pulled me aside and made this statement, "Your sister's adore you. They look up to you so much. I heard you were obsessed with Frozen because Eden wouldn't stop talking about how you were, and how she is too."

Isn't that terrifying.

I look at my two beautiful little sisters and I just stand in awe. Both are so unique and so gorgeous! They are both perfect little copies of their parents and have so much going for them in life.

I have loved watching them grow up. I can remember way back when I first met my first sister. After being the only girl with two older brothers and a little brother, I welcomed the idea of a sister. I found out later that you can't play barbies with a baby... but as she grew older I realized there are things I could do to love on my sister. Of course, now I see ways to love on BOTH of my sisters.

I am a very busy person. I like my life that way. Sometimes it gets crazy but, my way of making my sister's feel special has always been my love for makeup and hair and quality time when I have it. YES, I like to tell them how beautiful they are and make them feel so special. We occasionally have photo shoots to add the glamour of the occasion...

But, what I have come to realize is that my sisters don't just like me and tolerate me, they want to be me. They look up to me.

My little sister is almost positively going to be a teacher (no doubt in my mind). She is much more creative than I am, she loves organization through creative ways, she enjoys telling people what to do, and many more traits of a teacher. Yet through all this she used to be convinced she was going to grow up and be an actress... Why? "Thats what Ana is!"

She has since grown out of that I think... she has also gone from gerbil breeder to many other random career choices so she is certainly finding herself.

Point being, she wants to be me.
She practically is me. People comment on how much we look alike (the pictures of me at her age are shocking! We look like twins... except I was shorter)  So much pressure because this mini-me is watching.

But I can see how I can help to guide them through my actions.

You have already heard my obsession with Frozen. I LOVE FROZEN. I love the message of SISTERLY LOVE it shows! I adore the music. I adore everything about the movie. Of course the fact that the main princess in the movie and I share the same name has something to do with this slight obsession.

But think...

Lets say that I was obsessed with a certain pop star which I am not going to outright judge so we shall call her "Ciley Myrus". This woman has in recent years decided to abandon what society thinks of her and use her creative expression to become who she "really is".

That is all wonderful and everything but I am more concerned about thousands of people's (kids) purity being compromised by watching "Hannah Montana" on TV nowadays... including but not limited to, my sisters.

Kids aren't stupid. Kids can google search things. These days that is a whole other issue but, lets say I was obsessed with "Ciley Myrus". Would I really want my little sister's singing lines such as, "Trying to get lines in the bathroom"? Pretty serious stuff for a nine year old to be singing, don't you think? Now, I'm all for creative expression, but I'm not bringing that into my house because I don't want to see my sister's twerking.

What if I came home every day talking about a new boy? What will my sisters think is right?... "boy crazy teenage girls". What if I decided that I would start dressing like a certain "Ciley Myrus"? Something tells me that wouldn't go over very well with my mother but, I'm sure it would certainly mess up my sisters.

How about the little things?

These days its normal to hear, "Hey Loser!". To friends, that isn't such a big deal when meant in a joking way. It can almost be endearing to some teenagers who are being cool... but what if I said that to two little girls who are trying to understand life and are just developing their self conscious. Oh! Think of how damaging, "Hey loser!" could be!

I also have the example of my career in theatre.
There was a show where a director pretty much told me that I would be making out with a boy, I would be on top of him and it would pretty much look like we were engaging in things I would certainly not wish to do with someone onstage or off... So I told her I wouldn't do it. She didn't' have a problem with me saying no and we came up with a different solution, but lets think about what could have happened if I didn't say no... having my little sisters (a few years younger at the time) watch that onstage would certainly not help their growing into young women who know how to be treated by a young man. Now, since I am involved in theatre there are obviously things I do that are not alike to me at all, and they know that... but doing something onstage that I wouldn't do off could really mess with my sister's minds.

Truly, there is such a thing as "Purposeful Parenting" which is loving and parenting your kids how God loves and parents you.
I'm going to continue to be a purposeful sibling.
My girls are so valuable to me... they deserve that.

This is the three of us from two nights ago when they came to see me in the high school musical production of, "Anything Goes". My favorite part of coming out to see everyone is when these two come and hug me and tell me I did a good job it means so much more than a thousand words.

I love them.

Mariana (or as I'm known to them and my family, Ana)

What Does Writing Meen To You?

For me it meens that I can do what ever I want to do. I could fly into the sky or jump hire and hire. I can be big or small. What does it mean to you?

Are you a kind of person that likes music or baseball or sckool? Write about it. Write about you, your life, what you like, who you know and what they like. Be you. Be who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Eden