Thursday, August 27, 2015

Go Daddy Go

I hope you all liked my last blog. If you like learning about my family, you will love hearing about my dad.

When mom and dad were first married, dad wanted two kids, my mom wanted twelve. You decide who is winning. Anyway this is the way most arguments go with my parents, mom wins.

Dad is also very forgetful. One time, we all asked him to go get some ham at the grocery store. He came back with turkey. We all said it was ok but for some reason we needed ham. So he went back. Guess what he brought back. Turkey.

Also if you are going somewhere with dad and to the right there is this little fast food resturant called McDonalds, guess witch way we are turning. Right.

If you have ever seen one of the videos you will hear this really loud  voice yelling 
"GO HOPIE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

My dad is not like most dads in the world, but thats ok. If dad where me, he'd be  saying, 
"GO DADDY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 


When ever I'm talking to someone who is complaining about their one brother, I just say "Imagine that, multiplied by five." Yeah, that is my life.

You see brothers are very hard and complicated peoples. No one knows exactly why they do the things they do such as, being weird, being annoying and well being, something that starts with a s and ends in tupid.

That is why one of my friends (who also has a lot of brothers) came up with the NBAEE. It stands for NO BROTHERS ALLOWED then the two Es stand for my name and my friends name.

Mariana keeps telling me that my brothers will be my friends one day, I don't believe it. My oldest two brothers are my best buds but the next two boys, well I have a hard time believing it about them.

Now please don't take this stuff about brothers personally, it may not be true for all brothers, but it goes for mine.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

So crazy, it's normal

Imagine this, you are sitting in your living room and your parents say you are having a new sibling. Do you get the picture? Now I'll ask you this, would you be shocked at the news? I wasn't.

okay lets face it, if your life started out with four other siblings, and since then your parents added three more, you wouldn't be shocked at the news that your parents are adding another one.

Trust me, life with eight other siblings is not an easy job, especially with my family. Here are just some of the things you need to know how to handle when you live with my family.

1. You need to know what sarcasm is.

yes that is totally true.

2. You cannot be surprised when we add another family member.

3. You need to know how to share a room.

There is a very strong chance that if you live with us, you are going to have to share a room.

4. You need to be okay with really loud noises.

5. If you are a boy you will have to change at least one of victors poopy dippers.

It's kinda a rule that mom made so that the girls who are crazy enough to marry one of my brothers, don't have to teach the boys how to change the dippers.

6. If you are a girl you have to know that you are out numbered.

I really don't know why mom and dad have five boys and only four girls but you learn to live with it.

7. Know that dad will embarrass you.

Just trust me on that one.

8. If you wan't dad to do something you have to tell him to do it ten thousand times until he decides to do it .

9. If you play two truths and a lie with someone you just met at camp or something, for your lie it is always easy to pull of "I have two siblings" .

It gets them every time.

and finally,10. Know that when you are talking to someone about your family, just say you have a big one.

If you tell someone you have eight siblings they think you are crazy.

Well know you know just a few things about what I have to live with, but thats okay becouse, to me, it's so crazy it's normal.