Friday, January 25, 2013

Amber Brown is Tickled Pink

I read Amber Brown is Tickled Pink by Bruce Coville and Elizabeth Levy.  This book is about Amber Brown whose Mom and Dad are divorced.  She does not want her mom to marry Max because she wants her Mom and Dad to get back together again.  She can't stop it because they already planned the wedding.  She tries to get her mom to cancel the wedding and they have a lot of arguments.  In the end she gets so happy that her mom and Max are getting married that she's tickled pink.

I didn't know what tickled pink means so I asked my mom.  She said it means you're so happy.  It might mean that sometimes you cry.  My mom said my PopPop used to say that a lot.

I like the story because one of my favorite parts was the author used, "I, Amber Brown," whenever Amber had a problem.  Amber Brown has emotion with it.

I think that someone who is very emotional should read the book.

Review by Eden King

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