Monday, January 28, 2013

Mariana on Homeschooling

I am currently writing this after out family had a "family ice cream and game night". I have to say that I do really enjoy these nights, just because of the humor that in contained within this small... Or... Should I say large family. 

I am not funny.

As I say this to my friends, they smile and joke with me about how I really AM funny. 

They don't understand the rest of my family.

When we sit around and tell jokes and enjoy each others company (or attempt to), we always end up laughing so hard that I start crying and mom has the need to sneak off to the restroom (she must have birthed too many children). We love to laugh.

Or should I say... I laugh as the rest of my older siblings can Have a nice verbal word play with my mother. 

They truly are hysterical. But I was blessed with my most of my fathers gifts and sadly, a dry sense of humor doesn't really seem to be one. That is, compared to my family.

To fit in this blog, I feel the need to be... Shall I so elegantly word this... I need to be able to be "my mothers daughter". I do however, seem to share my mother's feelings about many things. One being homeschoolers and another being the type of person who doesn't easily become offended so I have have a hard time understanding that I could possibly offend others (although my mother can usually figure it out but I am not that intone with my mind yet to do so). 

I do warn you, that if you are easily offended and a homeschooling mother, a Homeschooler or one who was previously homeschooled, please understand that I mean no offense, only truth and I have every right to poke fun because I am also describing myself (with the occasional exception)  within this is my attempt to be funny... 

"You Know You're A Homeschooler When..."

You know you're a Homeschooler when...
When you have had off school because your mother doesn't feel well...
When you are perfectly used to matching your large amount of siblings 
When you are perfectly used to driving around with said siblings in a fifteen passenger van
When you have a fifteen passenger van
When your weekly trip to the library is "exciting"
When Mavis Beacon taught you how to type
When you go to McDonald's and count it for Math, Health, FCS, Social Studies, English, Science, etc.
When you can describe the different "types" of home schoolers
When you take long intervals in the bathroom every hour to get out of doing school with mom in the family "school room"
When you have a family "school room"
When you have opinions on whether or not cyber schooling is home schooling 
When you had Math with dad
When the school bus is your alarm clock
When you read all the Narnia books and counted them for school
When your family has its own opinion on the Harry Potter series
When you wear pajamas all day even when you say you don't 
When you get used to your friends making homeschooling jokes
When you often tell homeschooling jokes
When you make fun if your "sheltered friends" who must sit in school all day
When you still have to participate in school after a little "blizzard" 

When you finished reading this list... Then my friend, you must be a Homeschooler 


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  2. "When you have a fifteen passenger van."

    Now that IS funny!

  3. "When you have a fifteen passenger van"

    You ARE funny.
    That one made me laugh.
    The only other people I know who have a car that big are the Duggers and they homeschool!

    Maybe all you funny Kings need your own reality tv show?