Monday, March 18, 2013

Prayer Circles

We are reading a book called Draw The Circle by Mark Batterson.  He is a pastor in Washington D.C. We are using it for the forty days before Easter. It talks about prayer and has a lot of stories to relate to.  A saying in the book that I liked was, "You can't never always sometimes tell," which means anything could happen.  I liked it because in prayer anything could happen.

by Isaac

Draw The Circle by Mark Batterson is a great prayer devotional.   The devotional really challenged me in praying. The book also encouraged me in my faith by retelling other stories of strong faith that started from a prayer. The book really showed me the importance of praying and how much it can help others and you.

by Shoun

This is a great book for devotions.  We do it together every morning before school.  It has a lot of stories and ways to pray and ways to honor God.  There was one way that he said to pray, and it was to thank God for things that God wants to happen like it's already happened.  I think you'll like this book.

by Eden

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