Monday, March 25, 2013


By Eden

If you are thinking of growing a plant and you want a fast growing and an easy plant a sunflower is the best for you.  It is very easy to grow and it grows in about 13 - 15 weeks.  It starts as a seed, one small simple seed.  Then the side of the seed opens up and a little root comes out.  Next the little root makes its way to the top of the soil.  A couple days later a little stem pops out and two leaves grow on it.  The process is halfway done.  Next it grows taller and taller and more leaves grow.  Soon the head will grow.  Now look at what you've got, one big and beautiful sunflower!!

Sunflowers can grow in many different colors.  Some gardeners grow sunflowers that have a red stripe in the middle and they are called ornamental sunflowers.  Some sunflowers are just plain yellow and some are red and white.  Some are red.  Sunflowers only come in warm colors.

Did you ever look closely at a sunflower?  If you did you must have seen that there are many little seeds.  When the sunflower dies, the seeds fall and then in the spring the seeds grow into more.  When you see a sunflower again, look very closely at the seeds.

Sunflowers are great farm plants.  A lot of farmers grow them.  The reason why they're popular is because, if you plant on sunflower one year you get many the very next year.  You can grow a whole field in three years.  That's why they are popular.

Sunflower seeds can be used for many different things.  Sunflower seeds can be crushed into sunflower oil, which can be used for cooking.  You can also eat sunflower seeds.  Some people cut a hole in an apple and stuff it with sunflower seeds, peanut butter and raisins for a snack.  So now you can make a sunflower seed snack.

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