Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oh dear, Mother's Day...

Ooooooooooh Mother's Day. I knew this day was going to be hard. Having the world around you celebrate Mother's Day when you are temporarily lacking a mother at home is one of the most painful things... I can't imagine what it's like for my mom in Utah.

This morning during Church, seeing all the smiling faces or mothers hugging their daughters just made it seem like the devil was taunting me. I seriously was becoming slightly angry at people who were saying sappy things or, even worse, not treating their mothers the way they should have.

I'll put it to you like this. Think (back) to when you were a ''lonely hearted" teenager who was surrounded with dating friends who wouldn't shut up about their relationships. OR think of it as if y ou and a significant other had just cutt off your ties and everyone was celebrating their "one month" dating anniversary....

That kind of annoyance but feeling as if you wanted to be them was where I was this morning.

I did feel so much better at the end of Church when so many people began to support me. Someone going through a very different yet similar situation comforted me and honestly, that was such a Jesus blessing. We began to talk about how her parent and my parent were both off away and "fighting" for our families. We also both have no idea whenour parent would be coming home.

One a lighter note and with all this being said, and as I was scrolling through Facebook... I realized that every other daughter is saying why they love thir mother on some social media site instead of in person so I guess I'm not very out of place having to do the same thing.

So, here is why I am thankful for my mom:
(insert eye roll here...)


Her sacrifices that she has made for all of us. For pushing me to be my best at what I accomplish. For her amazing modeling of what an educated, respected, and completly insain woman of God looks like. I'm also so amazed of her beauty and authority she carries with her. I am also so blessed at how wonderful of a cook she is (thank you Mennonite herritage). I could go on for days.

Mom, I am so proud if you.
I love you so much.

Mariana Christine

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