Monday, May 27, 2013

The Great Surprise

As many of you very well know, over this past weekend I performed the title role in Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. This show came about through many fun experiences and about two months of rehearsals.

About half way through rehearsals is when my mom left.

I have to admit that I was very disappointed that my mom wasn't going to be able to see my show. My mom has never missed a show that I was in (usually because it was professional shows which had two billion performances over about fifty thousand weeks...). It was also very difficult because people were telling me that this was my best vocal performance ever and I worked so hard for this show. I was extremely upset that my mom wouldn't be able to see me perform.

During church the morning of my final show, the church was recognizing a military family and how much they had been supported by the church. They got to skype with him and were able to have an interview onstage.

The entire time I was tearing up and trying so hard not to loose it because I was desperately wanting my mom to be home. I just wanted to tell her I'm so proud of how strong she is and I was wishing the church would skype her in too! Then they had her picture on the screen with little Victor Noah and I was so excited. I thought, "Wouldn't it be wonderful to have her skype in the service as a surprise?!?"

I had no idea.

I wasn't really listening to what Tracy our pastor upfront was saying, until she said, "Cindy is here today so how about you come in!"

she walked into church...

I LOST IT!I was just bawling! I had literally dreamed that she would come home for my last show and it was just too perfect! I just couldn't stop crying, I was so happy to see her.

Apparently just about the whole world knew about the surprise except me. My dad arranged for me to go to a friends house so I wouldn't suspect anything the night before. I was so clueless. (Although I have to admit I was very curious as to why dad didn't really care that the video we took of the show was terrible and he was fine with us just not using it (!!!) )

The last show was really bad. It has to be one of the worst shows I have performed in technically wise, I had five mic changes through the end and the show had to stop twice because of the difficulties. My wig fell off, I got a beautiful bruise from hitting a desk with my thigh, flopped my 15 sec. quick change, forgot a prop, most of which would have been avoided without the microphone issue frazzling everyone (including me).


I sucked up my pride, did a mic check onstage in the middle of a show, and stayed composed long enough to sing my heard out for my mom. Believe me, belting your face off while holding back tears is no easy thing!

If my mom hadn't seen that show, I'm not sure I would have wished to finish it. I needed to be able to glance at her from the corner of my eye during that onstage/mid-show mic check and then think of her as I walked backstage hearing from just about every laughing 12 year old possible, "Did you just do a mic check onstage?!?" "Did you switch mics? "Why did the show stop?"

Don't worry mom, no swearing escaped my lips (even if I had thought many unprintable things) I stayed professional.


It was ALL worth it to see my mom after the show. All the issues were nothing after Mom told me that she was so proud of me.

The gift of her coming for my last show was literally the best gift I have ever recieved. Thanks to all who made such a surprise possible especially to my mom who was able to travel so much... all for me.

I love you Mom!

Mariana Christine

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  1. Mariana, you gave me goosebumps several times during Saturday's performance. You truly did an amazing job! I'm sorry for all the tech difficulties during Sunday's show but way to persevere! So glad your mom could come home and surprise you! I think of you and pray for you often as your family walks through this time. Continue to run with perseverance the race marked out for you, fixing your eyes on Jesus!