Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ye (me) of Little Faith

Today was the first day without mom. 
Today was the first Sunday without mom
Today was out first concert without mom.

THAT was the hardest one.

I never realized how much mom and dad carry the concert together. They talk in between songs and such. We did fine, but It was not our best concert. Especially with all the bickering that usually occurs with this family, but no mom to keep it below the insanity level. By the beginning of out concert, we were about ready to leave or blow up at everyone. I know I was. 

But then we got back into our "grove" of playing and enjoyed the whoops and hollers we received from the church audience. We cooled down a lot and started to enjoy ourselves. It almost seemed normal. 

Then Eden stepped up to talk about who she is and what she loves to do, and then shared about our adoption. This little eight year old shared about the kind of faith she had and it floored me. She spoke well beyond her years... Leaving behind the bickering (mostly encouraged by her) at the beginning and throughout the morning. 

She shared about how she was taking the constant roller coaster of the adoption process very hard and she wanted a baby. She spoke of how she chose the date April 20th for us to be matched with a child and then shared about how we were matched. 

Then it seemed like she was done and dad began to spoke. He charged the audience with a mission to open their lives to others and find their own mission. 

Eden never went to sit down.

He kept talking. 

She stood there. 

Finally she butted in and said these words, "I just wanted to say that I have now chosen May 28th to pray for my mom to come home." then she stepped away from her microphone. 


Incase you aren't aware, it is so rare for primee babies to come before their original birth date. Victor Noah King was supposed to be born at the end of July. Coming home in the end of May is extremely illogical. I guess we forgot to tell her that. Thank God.

At the time, I found myself thinking "oh, how cute... She doesn't know how crazy this is" 
Then I thought more...
Eden has such a wonderful gift of prayer. This gift brought us a baby. Who am I to put a limit on God and say that mom won't come home when Eden prays she will. Logic isn't exactly something running freely in our home. Here is my list of illogical things right now:

-seven children, now eight
-mom leaving the family for an unscheduled amount of time
-family staying strong
-dad as a pastor with that amount of children previously stated.
-dad graduating
-Andrew graduating
-Victor staying healthy at 28 weeks gestation 
-tons of people gathering amazing support for our family

Which of these things are at all logical? 
Yeah, none.

So why not add one more:
-mom coming home by May 28th

Who am I to say that it can't happen? 

Even if it doesn't happen or, at least, now how we imagine, we now have a little girl who's prayer life is becoming greater and a church that this morning heard our message for the first time and has chosen to pray along with her. 

So I choose to be just as crazy and illogical as her. 
Why not? What do I have to lose? 

How about you?

Mariana Christine 


  1. When you put it that way....
    I choose crazy too!

    May 28th -- I'm praying.

  2. Marianna, you amaze me. I am Michael Fister's mom and we are praying for your family. Debbie Fister