Thursday, August 27, 2015


When ever I'm talking to someone who is complaining about their one brother, I just say "Imagine that, multiplied by five." Yeah, that is my life.

You see brothers are very hard and complicated peoples. No one knows exactly why they do the things they do such as, being weird, being annoying and well being, something that starts with a s and ends in tupid.

That is why one of my friends (who also has a lot of brothers) came up with the NBAEE. It stands for NO BROTHERS ALLOWED then the two Es stand for my name and my friends name.

Mariana keeps telling me that my brothers will be my friends one day, I don't believe it. My oldest two brothers are my best buds but the next two boys, well I have a hard time believing it about them.

Now please don't take this stuff about brothers personally, it may not be true for all brothers, but it goes for mine.

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