Thursday, March 27, 2014

Emily and the Man

One day Emily was on her way to the ice cream shop. When she was walking she saw a man coming to her. He had a milk jug in his hand. But there was an odd thing about the man he was wearing all white and there was no milk in the milk jug. When he got rite in front of Emily he said "hold this and put it in a dark place and take care of it very well". Now when Emily saw the man go away she did not know what to think, she just stood there. Soon she started home. When she got home her mother said, "Is that you Emily?"

"Yes it's me," Emily said

"Did you have a good time?" Then Emily stared at her mother and said, "Uh well uh." then her father walked in, "Hi dad," said Emily then Emily tried to walk out of the room but her mother stopped her her mom said, "Emily you did not answer my question!" Emily tried to think fast so she said, "Well.."

"Well what" said Emily's mother.

Then Emily explained the hole story to her mom and dad and tolled them how she was just walking to the ice cream shop and how the man came up to her and tolled her to take care of the milk jug. Then her mom said, "Where is the milk jug then Emily said, very tiredly "I'll go get it"

"Good girl" her mom said,

"I'll be back soon" Emily said.

Then Emily ran out the door and went to a little bush were she had tried to hide the jug from her mom and dad, well she did know now that her plan did not work out very well. When she went inside she said
"Here it is mom" when her mom touched it she said
"oh my goodness, my deer you now own some GOLD"

"GOLD" Emily said her eyes getting bigger she was so glad she jumped up and down and was so happy. Then her mother said "what are you going to do with the gold?" she asked, "well" she replied, "I think I will just, uhhhh,"

"Maybe you would like to give it to me to keep it out of danger"

"Good idea" she said.

The End
By Eden

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