Saturday, March 1, 2014

What Does Writing Meen To You?

For me it meens that I can do what ever I want to do. I could fly into the sky or jump hire and hire. I can be big or small. What does it mean to you?

Are you a kind of person that likes music or baseball or sckool? Write about it. Write about you, your life, what you like, who you know and what they like. Be you. Be who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Eden


  1. Eden, I love the enthusiasm of your slice. You are right, writing can take anywhere you want to go or make you anyone you want to be!

  2. I agree. Writing (and reading too) can take you so many places. I love your slice.

  3. Writing is a terrific break from all the worries of life for exactly the reasons you mentioned. I'm looking forward to all the chances to write for the next 31 days.

    1. me to i can not wait to do all the writing this month