Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Red Book

One day Red Book went to Pen, Scissors, and Highlighter to play.

When they were playing tag Red Book fell into the trashcan.

"Oh no!!" they all screamed.

"Do not panic," Highlighter said. "You are all safe."

Right after, Highlighter realized they needed Red Book there. thenHighlighter said, "Panic!!!!!!!!!"

And then something caught scissors' eye. There rite next to him was String. Sleeping on a hook.

Scissors waked him up and said, "every one we will use String to help us. Is that okay with you string?"

"Oh yes. Um what am I doing again?"

 "You are going to save Red Book's life!!!!!!!!"

"Ok cool"

 "Ok then come on"

 And they put String down the trash can and Red Book got out and they all lived happily ever after. Well sort of. Until the scissors fell.

By Eden

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