Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Me and My Pets

I have 2 gerbils and I love them so much. Their names are Cutie Pie and Licorice. They are very cute and fun to watch. They never sleep in their hide hut they just sleep in a hole that they made in their bedding. They chew on their hide hut instead.

My dog Linus is lazy but he is getting old so it is understandable. He used to have a cage when we first got him and his name then was Bear. But he looked nothing like a bear but he always dragged around the blanket in his cage so we named him Linus because of Linus in Charlie Brown.

We also have a snake but he is my brother's snake so I do not play with him much.

By Eden

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  1. I love the reason you named your dog Linus! That is a perfect name for him. Pets are the best way to make us smile.