Monday, March 10, 2014

Epic Party

At church we talked about the parable that Jesus told about the lost son and how when he came back there was a big party. We had to make a cool party if money wasn't the problem. This is what my friend and I came up with.

1. decorations
disco ball, dance floor, confetti canon, Frozen posters, Frozen movies on flat screens

2. music
Frozen music, Sunday School Rock, more Frozen, me and Elizabeth singing Frozen

3. food
chips popcorn, pizza, candy bar, hotdogs, fruit ONLY DIPT IN CHOCOLOTE, spaghetti pizza, cotton candy

1 comment:

  1. Eden!
    I always seem to have trouble posting to your blog at my house. I'm so far behind.

    I've not had that since I was in high school.
    As a matter of fact I bet it was your Mom Mom who made it.