Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Siblings

As you probobley know by now I have seven siblings.

My oldest brothers name is Andrew and he is in college. He calls me when he has time and he meens a lot to me.

My next brothers name is Jesse. He is as funny as a seal at the zoo and he makes me laugh like a hyena.

Then comes my sister Mariana and she likes Frozen more than Olaf thinks he likes summer, because we all call her Ana and the mane carictors name is Ana. I like to be with her to do hair and makeup with her.

Then ther is Shoun and he is funny and follows Jesse lie kucklings follow their mother and likes sports as much as Linus likes his blanket.

Then Isaac and he likes Legos and he has more Legos than a teenage girl has clothes.

Then Hope who is 1 year younger than me and she is like the energizer bunny and likes to do gymnastics and running and she has done 5 races and wone 1st place in each one.

Then last but not least there is Victor and he is a baby and is delightfully cute and I love him so much.

So now you know my family a little bit more.

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