Friday, March 25, 2016

A Party

Last night I went to a party with my Sunday School class. The party was at our teacher's house. When we first got there it was light enough outside to play. We played outside until it was time for dinner. We talked about Passover, and how people celebrate it. My Sunday School class and I went into the dinning room to eat our dinner. We had "brinner" (breakfast for dinner), which included the following, waffles, bacon, fruit, and, my favorite, grape juice.

After we were finished we all went downstairs. We watched the Prince Of Egypt, played games, and one of the other girls burned 100 calories on the treadmill. She said it was harder than it looked, so I tried it for myself. (just saying, it wasn't that hard)

After about 30 minutes of the movie, we went back upstairs to make resurrection rolls. We got the dough and a marshmallow, then we covered the marshmallow in the dough. We then took our little ball of dough and dipped it in butter, then in cinnamon sugar. Mrs. Lehman, our Sunday School teacher, put the rolls in the oven, and we all went outside while they baked.

We played outside until the parents came because we weren't going to have enough time to finish the movie. After a little while my ride came to pick my friend and I up. we talked the whole way back to my house. I went to bed very tired, but I had a great time.


  1. How nice of your teacher to host the party. It sounds like you have a nice group of friends there. I had never heard of Resurrection Rolls. Did they taste good?

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