Thursday, March 24, 2016

Victor Sayings

Victor is my little brother. He is adorable, cute, and stubborn. He does some very cute things. (and annoying things, but we'll keep them out of the blog for today) He says some very cute things too. Here are just a few of his most famous ones.

Saying: "Johny Cash is coming to my birfday porty"
Translation: Johny Cash is coming to my birthday party
Back Round: Dad showed Victor a Johnny Cash CD that he got for Christmas. Ever since then Victor has loved Johny Cash, so dad got the idea to have a Johny Cash themed birthday party. Dad is getting an old friend to pretend he's Johny Cash. Victor says this one all the time.

Saying: "I want my new pwasify!!!!"
Translation: "I want my new philosophy!!!!"
Back Round: There is a song from the Charlie Brown musical called My New Philosophy. He loves it  so much and asked for the song ALL DAY LONG.

Saying: "Mommy! I AM A CHILD OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!" (Yes he yells this one)
Translation: just what it says above
Back Round: He heard the song No Longer Slaves, and he says this part over and over.

Saying: "Mommy! Pray for me!"
Translation: Same as above.
Back Round: We have no idea why he says this, but it isn't the worst thing for him to say.

So now you know. If you hear victor say any of these things you now know what they mean.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I think it is HYSTERICAL that your little brother is having a Johnny Cash themed birthday party and someone is coming to pretend to be Johnny Cash. That is so funny! I love the way you wrote the words to make it sound like Victor says them. This was a really fun post to read!
    -Mrs. Sokolowski, 3rd grade teacher, NY