Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Strong Subject

Some people are really good at math. They are learning how to do long division in first grade.

Some people are really good at reading. They are reading The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe in kindergarten.

Some people who are good with history and they know every date when every war started and ended.

Then there are people like me who are exactly average and aren't crazy or nerdy at all in these subjects. I do have a subject that I am good at, if I do say so myself, and that is writing!

Every kid in my class HATES writing. Everyone except for me. While they are whining about having to write a persuasive letter I am clapping my hands and saying, "Thank you Ms. Keefer for letting us do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Right now in writing we were supposed to write a persuasive letter about anything they choose. I was finished with my final copy before some of they kids even started their ruff draft.

I was told I could just free write because I was already finished with all my other projects so I started thinking about what I should write about. I decided to write another persuasive letter to my teacher about why we should be aloud to bring pillows and blankets from home for DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)

The previous week it was Dr. Suess day and we were aloud to bring pillows and blankets from home for DEAR. It was so awesome I wrote the letter. I was finished with the letter in 3 writing times.(about 135 minutes)

The next day I handed it to my teacher and she thought it was so good she brought it to the teacher's staff meeting. The principal read the letter aloud for all the teachers! The teachers thought it was so good that even the middle school teachers said they wanted to use it as an example for their students!

I am glad that I am talented in this way because I can write fast! Really fast! I can finish a writing assignment in a flash. I really hope I will love writing forever so when I am old and grey I can write a book about my life. I also want anyone out that hates writing to know that if you try hard enough to write about something that you are interested in then you can have a lot more fun.

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