Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lots And Lots Of Popcorn

I decided to make popcorn for an after supper dessert. I used a popcorn maker that you use over the stove. I usually just make popcorn in the microwave so I didn't know just how many popcorn kernels I would need to make about a mixing bowl amount of popcorn.

I poured the popcorn kernels into the popcorn maker and turned on the stove top. It felt like an hour before the popcorn finally popped. I looked inside the popcorn maker and my mouth dropped. There was enough popcorn to feed an army! Almost.I poured the popcorn into a big bowl and realized that the bowl I was using wasn't even big enough!

We all ate a LOT of popcorn tonight and I'm still eating some now! At least we now know that If we ever run out of food during a snow storm, that we have plenty of popcorn to feed us all!

I am pretty sure we had more than this combined

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