Saturday, March 19, 2016


I am going to tell you a few things I remember from when I was little. It was recently my brothers birthday so of course my mom wrote about him, Andrew, my oldest brother. Andrew used to make these James Blonde videos and when I recently watched them, I thought that I could write a post about some memories. I guess I thought of the idea because one of the memories is about the James Blonde videos.

Before I get to the stories, I will just say that some of the details might have been changed for your amusement and because I don't remember every detail.

Once when Andrew was making a new video for his James Blonde collection. The "big kids" as Hope, my little sister, and I called them would always get on our nerves. We had a little pink princess scooter that we would ride around the neighborhood. We loved that thing even though it wouldn't go very fast at all. If I were to guess it would probably go about 1 mile an hour. Anyway, when Andrew was making another movie, he needed several things to use for transportation for one of the scenes. Such as scooters and bikes. Andrew needed to use the scooter and Hope and I weren't so pleased, but we handed it over reluctantly.

Hope and I then returned to our room to have a good gossip about how weird and annoying they were. We then spied on them until they returned the pink princess bike. Speaking of spying on Andrew this was one of Hope and I's favorite activity. We would put on our little pink coats. (it was the next best option after black especially because in all the barbie spy movies she wore pink) We would put on our pink shades and find some pens of hair clips to pretend that they were video cameras or phones that looked like pens. We would then hide all over the house and spy on on any annoying brothers we could find. It was a very interesting activity and we could practically anything for spy gadgets.

I am sorry but I have to go now. I might right about this subject again if I don't know what to write about. Bye for now!

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