Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Alive Inside

I was just watching a documentary called, Alive Inside. It is about a man who went to nursing homes and gave some of the people who lost their memories, ipods. He played music for them, and they automatically started singing and dancing to the music. People who would just sit with their heads lowered would put their heads up and start talking, smiling, laughing, and especially, remembering. They would remember things that they had forgotten before. Times when they were little, playing with friends, their wedding day, all because of the music.

I was thinking about it and thought, why do we spend so much money on medication that only makes them worse. Nursing homes are giving the residents medicine that don't give them the most special thing which is their memories. Why do we spend so much money on medication when the total cost of giving a person their own personal music system would be $40?

I'll write more tomorrow when I see more, but for now, if you have Netflix, Watch Alive Inside. It is amazing to see the residents at a nursing home literally become alive inside.