Monday, March 28, 2016

Infinity Charter School

I go to a school called, Infinity. I started this year and I love it, because everything they do is focused on what YOU know. NOT what someone else knows. For example, one kid in my class, Alex, is really good at math, so he goes to the 8th grade classroom for math. For math, there are four groups so that my teacher can group people who learn the same way as the other kids in the group learn. Reading is the same.

Another reason why I love Infinity is because, they don't have science or social studies. They have something called Theme. Instead of separating the 2 subjects, they put them together to create Theme. Every year, each classroom has a different Theme. This year's Theme for the 4/5 class is, Ideas, Individuals, and Inventions. We are learning about the time of the French and Indian war to the end of the Civil War. They also tie Reading with Theme. During Reading time, we read books that are about the time period we are learning about in Theme. I think Theme is a great idea because, it combines 2 subjects into one so that you can learn so many different things.

I am really glad I moved to Infinity, because I learned so much already, and I love the staff and teachers, and the philosophy behind what they do at Infinity. If you want to learn more about ICS (Infinity Charter School), click below.


  1. Your school sounds really innovative! I love the idea of linking subjects together because that's how life really is- everything is connected!


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