Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easter Break

Today was my last day for another week and a half! Tomorrow and Friday I am off because of parent teacher conferences, and the whole next week is off for Easter. I am so exited because I am having two friends over! One for a few hours and one for a sleepover! (We are still planing the details so it isn't final, but I included it because I hope it will be)

I feel bad for all those out there who don't get a long spring break like I do, but hey, I get 180 days of school just like you. It will even out in the end.

I am also exited for spring break because it is spring! the flowers are starting to grow. The sky is getting bluer and bluer ever day! I love spring so much, and I hope to enjoy it over my 1 and 1/2 week long break! (not to brag but I have over a WEEK LONG BREAK!)

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