Friday, March 18, 2016

Answer to Yesterday's Riddle

Ah yes those cute little purple flowers. If you guessed the riddle from yesterday, you know that my post today is about crocuses.

I always loved the way that they came up before any other flowers even showed signs of blooming. They seem like they are the bravest of all flowers because you can see them even before all the snow has melted away. Imagine this, you are at a big show and a little man came out and said, "Hello everyone! I am here to preform for you before the other flowers arrive, so sit back relax and enjoy the beginning of spring!" Crocuses are just like that because they are like an entrĂ©e. They give you  a little sample of the "real deal".

I have to say that they are my favorite spring flowers. I love them and I hope to see crocuses again soon.

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